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ABOUT NORFOLK seeks to exhibit and collate public establishments in the Norfolk area, promoting rooms for the night, the 'pub' for drinking customers and quality restaurant food.

We are currently offering a full web-site creation and hosting service to those who seek to put up their own small slice of the internet but aren't worried about creation of it, all need be supplied is a few photos, an address and basic information.

Prices from:
  £30 per annum for website hosting service
  £30 per annum for update service (email and we'll update the site for you!)
  £50 creation of 5-page personalised web site

If you wish we can provide you FTP connection details so you can update your site

Also, for those uninterested in having their own website, basic information and pricing can be provided on the INNS page. If you prefer to do things yourself and host 'off-site' and , we can also offer the same basic information and a direct link to wherever you have chosen to be.

Prices from:
  £5 per annum basic information on INNS page
  £10 per annum basic information and direct link to your site on INNS page
  FREE if links wish to be reciprocated (you link to me, i'll link to you)

For all enquiries, please email us on the contacts page. We'll be happy to help, and get this site underway.


Please contact us for any queries about the site, whether somethings not working, or if you want to apply for hosting.


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